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Pisala bih vam dugo o tome koliko volim reke u Beogradu, ali neću…O ljubavi se ne priča, ona se iskazuje. I ja evo nađoh načina da još jednom iskažem ljubav prema mirnoj vodi Save, a uz to podelim sa vama novi autfit post. U sledećem, očekujte odgovore i na drugi deo vaših pitanja. Ukoliko imate bilo šta da me pitate, to još uvek možete uraditi OVDE, a mi se vidimo nakon vikenda, u kojem ćete, nadam se, uživati. Valjda će se i ovaj maj smilovati i vratiti nam proleće.
Do idućeg posta veliki pozdrav i poljubac za sve! Vaša B.

I would wrote you how much I love rivers in Belgrade, but I will not…The love is not for speaking, it is for expressing. And here I have found a way to once again express my love for calm water of Sava, and also share with you a new outfit post. In the following, expect an answers on the second part of your questions. If you have anything to ask me you can still do it HERE, and we will see each other after the weekend, which you’ll, hopefully, enjoy.
I hope this may will have mercy and return the spring.
Until next post, greetings and a kiss for all! Your B.

wearing: shirt, pants & belt: ZARA; shoes: NON BRANDED; bag: DAVID JONES;
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